July Quick Tips

3 Ways To Improve Productivity In Your Business

Are you located in the right spot?
Sometimes good businesses go under because they’re in the wrong spot. They can’t keep or even hire the right employees because those people don’t want to live or work in the area the business operates. It’s just not ideal for their career or interests. If you find yourself in this position, then it may pay to figure out a more optimal location or determine how you can entice the ideal people to come to you.

Are you as organized as you should be?
Are you relying on memory to track down the location of paper files? These days, there are exceptional software solutions that keep businesses organized and able to work from virtually everywhere in the world. Boost your productivity with digital, cloud-based filing. In fact, a copy of everything should be on the cloud.

Are you using automated systems?
If you or your employees find themselves having to do the same tasks every day or every week, then look into automating those repetitive tasks. DocuSign is a good example. It allows you to automate the signing process so you don’t have to gather the relevant people in one room to take care of it. Smallbiz Technology, Nov. 26, 2019

Use This Proven Leadership Trait To Instantly Strengthen Your Team

How can you be a better leader for your team? A lot of it comes down to how you manage relationships. But in managing your professional relationships, there is one thing you need to excel at: being empathetic.

Research shows that those who are empathetic can better recognize the emotions of those around them. In a workplace setting, this can be invaluable. Something might be wrong, but it might not be communicated.

Practicing empathy and understanding others’ emotions can help you identify when something needs to be addressed. Addressing it can be as simple as asking, “How are you feeling?”

Leaders who show they are empathetic can also build more resilient teams. Empathy shows you care, and people respond to that. Care builds trust, and trust builds stronger, more cohesive teams. Inc., April 29, 2020

3 Ways To Effectively Use Data In Your Business

  1. Take inventory of the data you collect. Data is useless if you don’t know what data you’re collecting and why. Collect data with intention, review it, categorize it and make sure you understand it.
  2. Focus on data that makes the most sense. In theory, you can track everything. The more you track, the more overwhelming it becomes. What data is most relevant to your business goals? What data can you really act on?
  3. Share the data with your team. As data comes in and is analyzed, share it with your team. They should also have an understanding of the data you collect and why. If you need to, then have some training to read that data. This way, you can discuss the data together, bounce ideas around and collaborate on how to get the most out of that data.

Small Business Trends, April 17, 2020

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