Why Were Many Facebook Users Recently Logged Out?

log in screenRegular Facebook users often stay logged in so they can quickly get updates about what’s going with their friends and the pages they follow. Or, if used primarily for business, staying logged in can save a step when it comes time to post an update about your company or brand.

Recently, however, Facebook performed a mass log out of users on its system, which came as an unexpected and unwelcomed surprise to users.

The mass logout happened on January 22nd at 8:30 PM EST. At that point, all users who were currently logged in received a message stating “Session Expired. Please login again.”

So many people are in the habit of just stay logged in constantly, that unfortunately, this led to some unexpected backlash as a high percentage of users didn’t remember their passwords. Some users were able to log back in with a click, while others had to enter their passwords. Twitter was filled with users venting their frustrations, prompting a formal response from Facebook, which reads in part as follows:

We’re looking into reports that some people are currently having to login again to access their Facebook accounts. We believe this was due to a configuration change and we’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

As frustrating as it may have been, it’s certainly not the end of the world, and the vast majority of users were able to simply reset their passwords and log back in. Nonetheless, the incident underscores just how important social media has become in our lives.

Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media world have woven their way deep into the fabric of everyday life and living for tens, if not hundreds of millions of people around the world. Users rely on these platforms to keep in touch with loved ones, share, communicate, and market particularly since face-to-face interaction has been so restricted.

Even small, seemingly innocuous events like this can lead to ripple effects that can cause frustration or even panic. In any case, Facebook is to be commended for getting to the bottom of the matter. If you’re one of the many users who forgot your password, here’s hoping you didn’t have too much trouble getting logged back in.

This is one example of the importance of keeping track of those passwords. It is a good idea to keep a log or notebook of usernames and passwords in a safe, secret place. For greater security, consider using an online password management tool. PC Magazine recently rated their 2021 top picks for free password management: https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-free-password-managers

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