October Quick Tips

■ A Massive Threat To Windows 10 Users?

Security researchers discovered a vulnerability in Windows Hello’s facial recognition programming that could potentially impact Windows 10 users, but does it warrant much fear? Experts say no – at least, not to the average user.

The vulnerability has to do with Windows Hello’s camera system. It uses a camera with an infrared sensor and an RGB sensor. However, only the infrared image is processed during facial recognition.

This theoretically means that if someone were to get a hold of an infrared image of your face, they could use it to access your computer – and that’s where the threat starts to fall apart.

Whenever a hacker needs physical access to the computer and the computer’s user, they won’t waste their time unless you’re hiding some pretty juicy data.

So, don’t worry, Windows 10 users – you can sleep easy knowing that no one is trying to steal your face.kevin baum

■ Keeping Up Workplace Relationships Even When You’re Working From Home

When you’re working from home, the valuable bonds that you naturally form with your coworkers in the office will be hard to form and maintain – but not impossible. Here are a few ways that you can build relationships with your coworkers from home.

Communicate (And Listen) Often And Well. That means going beyond just the daily Slack check-ins on progress. Let your coworkers know about areas in which they could improve, and don’t forget to really and truly hear (or read) what they have to say. Active listening is just as important as communicating effectively yourself.

Create Channels For Building Strong Teams. Strong teams mean increased productivity and satisfaction from employees. To build strong teams, build channels for those teams to use to communicate throughout the day.

Find Opportunities For Coworkers To Socialize Online. To get coworkers relating to one another, make online coffee hours (or happy hours!), contests, competitions and classes. Coworkers who have fun together work well together!

■ What Does 2021’s Record IPO Market Mean for Your Business?

If you’re a private business owner looking to take your business public, now is the time.

So far, 2021 has seen a higher full year average of IPOs than those of the previous 10 years, rivaling that of the dot-com boom. To take advantage of the upswing, just use the first three of the four stages of scaling to guide your way to incredible revenue gains.

  1. Get “early adopter” customers to help you develop a product that differentiates your business from the competition. This will lead them to bring you more customers.
  2. Build a scalable business model where you can change how you sell, market, design, build, ship and service your products. Your costs will decline as you grow, and this will help you generate more revenue as your business gets bigger.
  3. Finally, make sure your business gets more and more liquid, expanding into new regions and new customer demographics. Now you’re ready to raise some venture capital!