Before Long You Will Be Targeted by Ransomware

Here’s a scary thought: As the fastest growing cyber-crime, ransomware is big business. And it’s businesses like yours that are prime target.

Ransomware is where your data is encrypted until you pay a ransom fee. It’s terrifying to see, and very hard to undo once an attack has launched.

Criminals are targeting small and medium sized businesses because many don’t take cyber security seriously enough.

It only takes one click on one bad link to let a criminal into your system. Once in, they will spend weeks hidden in the background, secretly preparing an attack.

Their primary goal is to stop your IT partner from kicking them out once the attack has started.

Here’s the answer: You need a blend of appropriate security software and staff training to protect your business.

You WILL be targeted at some point; this is a reality for all businesses in 2021. Whether or not your business succumbs to that attack depends on how prepared you are.

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Ransomware: Sooner or later your business will be attacked

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