December Q ‘n A and Quick Tips

Get easy answers to common technology questions.

Q – I’ve heard I can voice type on websites. Is that true?

A – Yes, if you’re using Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 or 11. Turn it on by pressing the Windows logo key + H.

Q – How do I schedule appointments in email?

A – In Outlook you can select Reply with Meeting in the Ribbon. This creates a new meeting request, with your email in the body of the meeting request.

Q – I deal with clients in different countries. Is there an easy way to deal with time zones?

A – You can add multiple time zones in your Outlook calendar. Go to File > Options, click the Calendar tab, and Time zones, tick ‘Show a different time zone’ and give it a name. Repeat as necessary.

Have you heard of Section 179?

It’s part of the IRS tax code that’s aimed at helping SMBs, just like yours.

A quick summary – when you buy new equipment or software you can deduct the full purchase price from your gross income this year, rather than depreciate it over a few years.

It was designed to encourage you to invest in your business. And it’s a generous relief… you can write off up to $1,050,000 in this tax year.

However. There are two big things you must know about.

First is the clause. You must have purchased the equipment or software and put it into service by the end of the day on December 31, 2021.

And the second big thing is… TIME. As we all know, major supply chain issues are causing huge delays in supplies of new technology. Hopefully, your new computers, technology, or software investments are not part of the backlog!

While it may be too late to make any new purchases AND have them delivered and in operation by the deadline, it’s important to be sure you take full advantage of the deductions you qualify for under section 179! There’s a comprehensive guide available with illustrations, and information you can run by your CPA.  Click here »

New in Microsoft 365

Automatic live transcription of calls in Teams

Got an important Teams meeting? When you start recording, you also now turn on live transcriptions. The text appears next to the meeting, including the speaker’s name and a time stamp.

That’s fun! We dare you to use long complicated words to see if you can fool it.