September Q ‘n A and Tips

Get easy answers to common technology questions.

Q – I just closed an Office file without saving it. Please tell me I can get it back?

A – You should be able to recover your file, with a bit of luck. If you saved the document once, autosave may have done its job. Otherwise, try using AutoRecover or check your temporary files.

Q – Why can’t I open an email attachment?

A – First make sure this is a genuine file – phone the sender to check. Then, it’s possible you don’t have the software the file was created with. Right click the document and select ‘Open With’ to see if there’s another option.

Q – I received an email telling me an account needs updating. Is it genuine?

A – Don’t click any links in the email. If you’re even slightly unsure, the safest thing is to visit the website by typing the URL into your web browser.

New to Microsoft 365

Managing your Outlook signature in one place

You know when you set an email signature in Outlook on one device, but when you use Outlook on the web, the signature isn’t there?

It’s a frustration that’s been around for years. Traditionally the solution has been to use independent software to manage your signatures.

But Microsoft is hard at work changing the way it stores signature settings. It is moving them to the cloud, so you get a consistent experience wherever you use Outlook.

It’s due to go into testing this month and be available next month… although it’s been delayed for a couple of years up to this point, so… watch this space.

Did You Know?

home routerHome and small office routers are being targeted by cyber criminals in an attempt to steal sensitive data

Home and small office routers are being targeted by cyber criminals in an attempt to steal sensitive data.

This is a smart move by the bad guys, as these routers exist outside of your business’s usual security protection. It means they may have additional weaknesses to exploit.

How to protect your data?

If you have remote or hybrid workers, you need to make sure they have the right firewalls installed so that incoming and outgoing traffic can be monitored.

Insisting they use company devices for business work is a good idea. You can also give them encrypted connections when they’re working away from the office.

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