November Q ‘n A and Tips

Get easy answers to common technology questions.

Q – Someone on my team fell for a phishing email. How can I prevent this from happening again?

A – Phishing emails look like they’re from reputable companies, but they are scams. The criminals are trying to get malware onto your system, steal login details or get you to make a fraudulent payment. You need a blend of protective software and regular cyber security awareness training. Contact us and we’ll advise the right mix for your business.

Q – Is my small business really a target for ransomware?

A – Yes! Don’t make the mistake of believing that because you’re not a big corporation you’re not on cyber criminals’ radar. In fact, small businesses are a bigger target because they often have lower levels of security.

Q – Should I block social media websites for my employees?

A – You can, but would that create trust issues? Rather than blocking websites, create a social media policy outlining the consequences if social media is abused.

New to Microsoft 365

Breakout rooms coming to Android

If you use Microsoft Teams on an Android device, you might have discovered you’re excluded from using breakout rooms. There simply hasn’t been the capacity for it.

From January, this should change. The breakout room feature is set to roll out on Android, making meetings more productive for everyone.

Not long to wait…

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