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Q – What’s Focus Assist in Windows 11?

A – Focus Assist takes Do Not Disturb a step further. It can hide distracting icons from your Taskbar and give some notifications more priority than others. Use it together with Do Not Disturb and you’ll be able to block out distractions to better focus on work.

Q – Can I share a Word document without someone changing it?

A – Yes! Just click the editing button next to the share button in the top right of your screen. Then simply select whether you’d like people to be able to edit, view, or review the document. You can switch it back whenever you’re ready.

Q – Can I unsend an email in Outlook?

A – Sometimes. If both you and your recipient have Outlook email addresses, if the email hasn’t already been read or opened, and if you’re working on a PC, not a Mac. Open the email, go to File, and select Resend or Recall.

New to Microsoft 365

Outlook’s bringing better notifications to mobile

This month we’re expecting to see a change to the way Outlook notifications work on mobile, starting with Android.

Microsoft is making it easier for you to customize your notification settings, so you can stay on top of things without sacrificing your work/life balance.

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