March Q ‘n A and Tips

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Q – My employees want fewer video meetings, should we cut down?

A – Yes, if you can condense or combine them. Follow in the footsteps of big tech companies like Shopify and reduce the number of big meetings you hold. Your people will be happier, and you’ll likely save a lot of time.

Q – Should my business upgrade to Windows 11?

A – In short, yes. It’s not urgent but Windows 10 will no longer be receiving new features and updates. So it’s good to make the move sooner than later.

Q – I know I need a password manager, but which is best?

A – Good question… and there are lots of options. Different businesses have different requirements, so it really all depends on you. We’d be happy to make a recommendation once we understand your needs. Get in touch.

New to Microsoft 365

Automate tasks in Excel

Excel lovers have been waiting for this one. The Automate tab was previously only available in the web version, but now it’s arrived in the desktop app for Windows and Mac.

The tool allows you to create and modify scripts to automate repetitive tasks.


Did you know… about Busy on Busy?

Microsoft Teams keeps rolling out new features.

Now it’s allowing you to decide how calls are handled when you’re already on a call or in a meeting.

‘Busy on busy’ lets you choose to either use a busy signal, redirect calls, or let them come through anyway. It was previously available only to admins, but now everyone can use it.

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