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What Do Your People Think?

Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about what the future of their business looks like. Perhaps now – post Covid – more than ever.

But if you really want to get an accurate answer, you should be speaking to your people. They’re the ones spearheading change over the coming years, throughout most sectors and industries.

Is getting their feedback something you do regularly?

Look at how your business has changed over the past few years. You may have hybrid workers, fully remote workers, people working flexible hours to help them balance their work and home commitments. You may even be one of the businesses pioneering the four-day working week.

Your people are at the heart of all of this.

Employees are pushing for more flexibility and greater autonomy. And if you’re not providing that, they’ll have little hesitation in going somewhere that will.

Not only will talking to your staff help you understand how your business will change and develop over the coming years, but it will help you to attract and retain the best people.

Your tech choices play a huge role in all of this:

  • The collaboration tools that help everyone stay connected
  • The devices that make jobs easier and keep people engaged
  • And the systems you use to automate tasks and boost productivity

If you haven’t got that balance right, it can be a constant annoyance for employees – one they’d be more than happy to tell you about, given the chance.

If you don’t already, arrange some time to speak to your people, both as a group and individually. Find out what’s on their mind. What could make their lives easier, your systems better, and your customers happier?

But do it in an organized way. One of the biggest complaints from employees is… too many meetings!

Need help choosing the right tools and systems? It’s what we do. Get in touch.

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