September Q ‘n A and Tips

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Q – How do I back up my data?

A – Backing up data can save your business from a catastrophe, so make sure you do it! Basic backup can be as simple as connecting an external drive and copying important files. However, you must then remember to do it. The most robust solution is using software that updates all your files securely to the cloud, all the time. We can suggest a service if you want.

Q – Our network is slow… can we speed it up?

A – A slow network is frustrating and can halt productivity. To speed it up, you can upgrade your hardware, optimize router settings, limit bandwidth-hungry apps, and regularly update network drivers. Again… we can help

Q – Do my staff need USB cameras when working from home?

A – Most current laptops have great cameras built-in, so probably not. However, the better the image and sound, the better they can communicate. It might be worth investing in cameras, USB microphones and lighting for staff who speak to clients or prospects on video calls.

New to Microsoft 365

Outlook for Windows to Replace Mail and Calendar Apps

Microsoft is shaking things up again, this time with Outlook. By this time next year, the Mail and Calendar apps will have been replaced with a brand new Outlook for Windows.

If you’re subscribed to Microsoft 365 you’re all set. But even without a subscription, you can use it with your personal email accounts like Gmail. It’s already got some cool features, but heads up, offline support isn’t available yet.


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