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Q – I’m still using the original version of Windows 11 (21H2), should I upgrade?

A – Yes! Upgrade to 22H2 as soon as possible. Support for 21H2 ended last month (October 2023). That means there will be no further security updates and you may be at increased security risk.

Q – I’ve had an email to say a recording of a Teams meeting has expired and been deleted. Is there any way I can recover it?

A – Don’t panic. Go to your Recycle Bin, find the recording, and hit “restore”. Remember though, you only have a 90 day window to do this. Once the recording is recovered, it is no longer subject to automatic expiration dates.

Q – Will Google penalize my website if I use ChatGPT?

A – No. There’s no reason to worry about Google penalties when using ChatGPT for your website content. Chatbots don’t negatively affect the SEO of your website. But do get a human to review everything written by an AI, to ensure it reads well, is factually correct and makes sense.

New to Microsoft 365

New features are Coming to Microsoft 365 on Android

Microsoft has updated its Android interface, adding features to promote Bing Chat, Edge, and Microsoft 365. You can now access options like ‘Search in Edge’, ‘Bing Search’, and a new ‘Microsoft 365 Note’ feature when selecting text in apps like Gmail.

However, this update has hidden some essential features like ‘copy’ and ‘select’, particularly on Samsung phones. You can work around this by selecting ‘copy’ in the extended menu.


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