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A/V Systems | HD TV Services

A/V Systems

EscapeWire Solutions offers a wide range of cost-effective, high quality A/V Systems that assure that you and your message will be seen and heard, including Audio Solutions, high definition Video Solutions, and HD TV programming services. We design, install and service the A/V systems that meet your needs.

Audio Systems

Designed to suit the acoustics of each venue, our audio systems range from very complex concert hall and House of Worship systems to less complex commercial sound systems. EscapeWire Solutions provides professional Sound Reinforcement, Public Address, Paging, Foreground and Background Music, and Surround Sound systems to businesses nationwide. From one speaker to many speakers, EscapeWire can design a custom solution to match your needs and budget.

Video Systems

Employing the latest in digital technology, our video systems range from providing a single video screen to many screens across an entire facility. High Definition is our specialty. Need to distribute High Definition Signals to many locations? Need help choosing between Projection, Plasma, LCD, or CRT? We have the answers and can design, install and service a custom system to meet your needs.


For the ultimate variety of programming options, our satellite systems deliver all digital Video, Audio, and Data to Hotels, Office buildings, Apartment Complexes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Sports Bars and Restaurants. We offer affordable satellite systems that can deliver the latest digital and high definition programming to multiple locations within a building or complex. EscapeWire Solutions can design, install and service a system that is right for your needs and budget.


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EscapeWire offers Free Consultations

FREE Consultation

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