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Data Backup, Protection and Data Recovery

Data Backup, Co-location, and Archiving Services

Backing up your data is crucially important to data protection and there are many different ways to accomplish this. EscapeWire can assist with different data backup and protection methodologies depending on what’s right for your organization. We offer backup services that can be completely hands-off and managed by our team so that you don’t have to worry about swapping tapes or checking to see if the data backup job completed. As an extra layer of protection we can replicate data offsite, and even offer email archiving solutions for easy searching of deleted emails.

In the event of a failure, disaster recovery means having a procedure in place not just to recover backed up data but to also get systems restored and up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact EscapeWire to find out how we can build a data backup and recovery solution to help keep your data available when you need it most.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Service
  • Data Replication Service
  • Local Backup Solutions
  • Offsite Backup Solutions
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Workstation Backup Solutions
  • Co-location Services
  • Email Archiving

Backup and Data Recovery

Have you ever experienced deleting a critical file or other piece of vital data?

Are you unsure that your data backups are 100% reliable?

Are you at risk of losing clients due to a loss of data from a natural disaster or malfunction?

Your Data is Your Most Critical Asset
Your business data is too valuable to leave its safekeeping to chance. That’s why the team at EscapeWire has created the only data protection plan that exclusively meets the needs of small businesses, and is backed by our commitment to the highest levels of service.

Guarantee Its Protection
With EscapeWire Data Protection services, we deliver bullet-proof protection of your company’s most critical data repositories. our ewsProtect solution is comprised of 3 main components:

Local Data Backup:
Automatic, reliable data backup of all content and applications to a disk-based, network storage device. The ewsProtect service can run a data backup as often as every 15 minutes during the workday as opposed to once a day with standard tape backup.

Business Continuity Capability:
The ability to recover the smallest files or entire servers within an hour. Even if a server fails and needs to be replaced we can provide all your users access to the key data and applications that were on that server in 1 hour.

Disaster Recovery:
Offsite replication of data to two secure, remote data centers.

ewsProtect Customer Benefits:

• Data back up every 15 mins
• Backup and Data Recovery
• No unreliable tapes
• Secure offsite storage
• 24×7 x 365 monitoring & testing
• All data encrypted
• Low monthly, fixed cost
• Server virtualization

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Quick Tips: 4 Ways to Prepare for a Data Disaster

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