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Free Tool: Has Your Email Address been Compromised?

Hackers are targeting your business!

Check to see if your email address or mobile number has been stolen

Find out in seconds if your email address or cell number has been stolen or compromised. Enter it here. And we’ll run it through a comprehensive database of all data stolen over the last few years.

Make sure to enter your mobile number in international format, such as 14841234567.

Input an email address below to check if its been compromised.


If your data has been compromised, it’s possible cyber criminals have used it to attempt to access your systems!

Please contact a cyber security specialist immediately. We can help:
Contact Mike Beecher at or call our office at 716-893-4984

Cybersecurity Risk Review

If you have concerns about the security of your business data or want to know that state of your cybersecurity efforts, sign up for our Free And Confidential Cybersecurity Risk Review. This assessment reveals where your company is at high risk to ransomware, hackers and other devastating cyber-attacks

It starts with a brief 10-15 minute introductory call. The Assessment only takes 60 minutes to conduct, but when it’s done, you’ll know for sure if your company’s data is secured and, in the event of a disaster, exactly how fast you could be back up and running again (if at all).

Why risk it? Our free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment comes with zero strings attached, no expectations and no obligations on your part. If nothing else, it will be a good third-party validation of how well your systems are currently performing.

Important! We hate spam as much (or more!) than you and promise to NEVER rent, share, or abuse your e-mail address and contact information in any way.