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How to Access Your Voicemail

Accessing Voicemail

There are multiple ways that a user can access their voicemail:

  • Phone
  • CoreNexa Desktop & Web App
  • CoreNexa Mobile App
  • Voicemail tab > CoreNexa Automation Manager

Accessing Voicemail via Phone

Checking your voicemail from phone on site:

  1. Press the Messages Button, or dial *(star) and your ext.#
  2. Enter your password + “#” (Default is your extension number)
  3. Follow the prompts

Checking Voicemail Remotely

For this option to work your calls must go directly to an auto attendant

  1. Call main number, at main auto attendant press “#” (Or option configured for Voicemail)
  2. When you hear the prompt enter your box number
  3. When you hear the prompt Enter your password + “#”
  4. Follow the voice mail menu prompts

Star Codes to Review Mailbox Greetings or Record New Greetings

You can use star codes and your extension to listen to the existing greetings without leaving a voicemail as well as record new greetings.

Accessing Voicemail via CoreNexa Desktop or Web App

The Voicemail menu item is visible for CoreNexa users with a valid CoreNexa voice subscription. The visual representation of Voicemail gives the user total control over their voicemail versus trying to manage voicemail through a telephone interface.

Web App:

voicemail v1a web app

Desktop App:

corenexa desktop app

Accessing Voicemail via CoreNexa Mobile App

  1. Open the CoreNexa Mobile App
  2. Click on the Voicemail menu item to see your voicemail
    voicemail menu

    1. The following information is available for each voicemail received:
      • Caller ID: the name & number of the person that left you a voicemail
      • Date & time
  3. The following are available for each voicemail when you click the voicemail:
    voicemail message options

    1. Listen to voicemail
    2. Voicemail transcription (if purchased)
    3. Call back
    4. Message/Text back
    5. Share voicemail via email
    6. Delete voicemail
      1. Note you can also delete before clicking in to the voicemail by sliding voicemail entry to the left
        delete a voicemail

Delete multiple voicemails:

  1. Click Voicemail menu item
  2. Click Delete in the upper right
    voicemail list
  3. Select the voicemail(s) you want to delete
  4. Click Delete in the bottom left and confirm you want to delete selected voicemails
    full delete screen
  5. To delete all simply click Delete All in the bottom right and confirm you want to delete all voicemails

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

  1. Click Voicemail menu item
  2. Click Greeting in the upper left hand cornerIf prompted grant microphone access to the app
  3. Select the greeting you wish to create/edit.
    type of greeting
  4. Tap anywhere to to start/stop recording
    start or stop recording

    voicemail recording screen

  5. Click Save in the upper right or tap to redo the recording.
    redo recording

Accessing Voicemail via CoreNexa Automation Manger > Voicemail tab

Your customers can access voicemails in CoreNexa Automation Manager by logging in and clicking the Voicemail tab.

voicemail box list