ThermScan™ Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Easy, Affordable Workplace Temperature Screening

Make sure your workplace is safe! Scan every employee, visitor and customer that enters your facility.

Trust the SecurityTronix ThermScan™ for your first line of defense!

The SecurityTronix ThermScan™ accurately and instantly scans the forehead and alerts by alarm if an elevated skin temperature is detected. It’s ideal for workplace temperature screening because it’s a no-contact device. As they enter your facility, people simply line up in front of the unit and it takes their temperatures without having to touch the device or anyone else.

  • Quickly get compliant with temperature screening at your place of business.
  • The intent is not to diagnose, but to raise awareness so people can get a proper assessment before fully entering the business.
  • Save thousands of dollars over manual screening, such as:
    • Hiring dedicated screening staff
    • Providing disposable PPE for each screener on staff
    • Coverage for all hours of operation, even breaks

ThermScan™ is perfect for hotels, restaurants, assisted living facilities, schools, warehouses, and airports.

This easy to use device can be mounted with screws (included), double sided tape or on a tripod (sold separately).

  • Contactless – Detects surface skin temperature without any physical contact. Screening distance: 2″ – 4″ (5-10 cm).
  • Rapid Results – Quickly detects surface temperature with a less than one second response time.
  • Alarm Function – Alerts if surface skin temperature detected is higher than 99° F (37.3°C).
  • Highly Accurate – Surface temperature accuracy to ±0.4° F (±0.2° C) on an easy to read digital display.
  • Cost-Effective – Affordable alternative to thermal cameras or hiring dedicated manual screening staff.

Call to Order: 716.893.4984

Call to Order: 716.893.4984

What do Our Clients Say About EscapeWire?

“We Didn’t Know Solid IT Support Until We Had EscapeWire”

Before hiring EscapeWire, our firm had one person working on our computers. I was even able to fix the occasional computer problem myself, but not anymore.

Technology is constantly changing and becoming more complicated, so we now have EscapeWire hard at work constantly monitoring and more importantly, regularly backing up our systems.

It is so reassuring to know that if someone “loses” something critical, there is a copy that can be restored from our backup.

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Escape Wire is the most responsive, professional and organized IT support company I ever worked with in my 30 years in Hospitality. Their team is very responsive, replying to support tickets within in an hour or 2, and resolving the issue often within a few hours of the call.

Their team is knowledgeable and communicates well with me, and more importantly among themselves, which makes the support process seamless. The assign the right person to the right task to solve problems quickly.

The best decision we made to switch our IT support from in-house service to Escape Wire.

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EscapeWire is #1 in our opinion. I can sum up them up in four words: Consistency, Professionalism, Friendliness, and Responsiveness. I especially appreciate the fact that they do not assume but rather, they truly listen to us in order to assess and address our needs and issues.

We deal with several IT vendors from software and printing, and we trust EscapeWire to find right solutions to keep our business running. I feel that the entire team at EscapeWire can be called our friends. No better compliment than that!

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We have been working with EscapeWire right from the beginning of our IT journey. As IT gets more complicated and cyber crime more threatening, they continue to meet our growing technology and security needs. With EscapeWire on our team we are free to focus our time and energy on our business.

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