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ThermScan™ Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Easy, Affordable Workplace Temperature Screening

Make sure your workplace is safe! Scan every employee, visitor and customer that enters your facility.

Trust the SecurityTronix ThermScan™ for your first line of defense!

The SecurityTronix ThermScan™ accurately and instantly scans the forehead and alerts by alarm if an elevated skin temperature is detected. It’s ideal for workplace temperature screening because it’s a no-contact device. As they enter your facility, people simply line up in front of the unit and it takes their temperatures without having to touch the device or anyone else.

  • Quickly get compliant with temperature screening at your place of business.
  • The intent is not to diagnose, but to raise awareness so people can get a proper assessment before fully entering the business.
  • Save thousands of dollars over manual screening, such as:
    • Hiring dedicated screening staff
    • Providing disposable PPE for each screener on staff
    • Coverage for all hours of operation, even breaks

ThermScan™ is perfect for hotels, restaurants, assisted living facilities, schools, warehouses, and airports.

This easy to use device can be mounted with screws (included), double sided tape or on a tripod (sold separately).

  • Contactless – Detects surface skin temperature without any physical contact. Screening distance: 2″ – 4″ (5-10 cm).
  • Rapid Results – Quickly detects surface temperature with a less than one second response time.
  • Alarm Function – Alerts if surface skin temperature detected is higher than 99° F (37.3°C).
  • Highly Accurate – Surface temperature accuracy to ±0.4° F (±0.2° C) on an easy to read digital display.
  • Cost-Effective – Affordable alternative to thermal cameras or hiring dedicated manual screening staff.

Call to Order: 716.893.4984

Call to Order: 716.893.4984

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