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Implementing a Remote Work Policy?

We Can Help!

At EscapeWire we have implemented our Remote Work Policy.

All of our employees are trained to work from home and are able to still keep our customers up and running during difficult times. We’ve been asked how to we help our team be productive regardless of where they work.

We Have a Plan:
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“Security Tips for Remote Workers”

As every workplace, small and large, goes remote, we all need to be hyper-vigilant about good cyber hygiene practices.

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1. Every morning a check in call starts the day.
  • The morning meeting is to discuss the plan of the day and ensure everyone understands the roles and responsibilities.
  • Manager temperature check to see how the culture of the team is going. Who is over worked or stressed and who is stepping up to be a leader.
2. Constant Communication/Interaction though out the day
  • We are using a combination of Microsoft Teams (internally) and Zoom video conferencing externally for our customers. 
  • Microsoft Teams allows our staff to have one-one video conferences and share documents and resources real time. 
  • Zoom enables us to reach current customers and potential clients.  Also allowing us to do webinars and Business reviews/trouble shooting.
3. We have implemented lunch time calls
  • Our team is very close and we have implemented lunch video calls – Non mandatory
  • Working at home can be a challenge for some and a sense of lonliness and isolation can set in.  This allows a little more normality to our day.
  • We use this time to get to know each other better.
4. We keep our customers and our business secure
5. Using the cloud so you have access to your information
  • Being able to access your files remotely is a key to working offsite.  We use to securely back up and share our data. 
  • Our CRM is also cloud based and can be accessed remotely and securely from our laptops. 
6. End of day check in
  • Review what was accomplished for the day
  • Make it a culture check in as well
Our Tools
MS Teams
Office 365 Team Collaboration Tool

If you have questions about managing your remoter staff we are ready to help!

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